Click here to download MP3 Tracks: Traciau ymarfer Urdd 2018

Length of dances

The instructions indicate the number of times the Welsh Cwac, Bryn-y-Môr and Melin Crawia are danced. The Dawns Gwŷr Wrecsam practice track goes through the dance 4 times, but it could be danced any number of times.

Second tunes

The  tracks for Dawns Gwŷr Wrecsam, The Welsh Cwac and Bryn-y-Môr include a second tune. Other suitable melodies could be used, but there is no requirement to choose a second tune at all.

The rules of the Urdd Folk Dance section can be found on page 50 of the 2018 list of competitions.

Track 1: Dawns Gwŷr Gwrecsam

  1. Folk Dance Years 4 and under

Alawon: Pibddawns Gwŷr Wrecsam, Pwt ar y Bys

Duration: 4 times, 2’30 “

Track 2: The Welsh Cwac

  1. Folk Dance Years 6 and under (Schools up to 100 children aged 4-11 years old)

Alawon: Welsh Cwac, Tomos Dafydd Ifan

Duration: 3 times, 1’49 “

Track 3: Bryn-y-Môr

  1. Folk Dance Years 6 and under (Schools over 100 children aged 4-11 years and Departments)

Alawon: Glandyfi, Doed a Ddêl

Duration: 4 times, 2’15 “

Track 4: Melin Crawia

  1. Folk Dance Years 7, 8 and 9

Alaw: Breuddwyd y Frenhines

Length: 3 times, 1’55 “