Rhif Wyth is a longways Triple Minor Dance from Llanofer. Accordingly it would be most appropriate to adopt the ‘travelling Step’ as found in Llanofer Reel, for this dance. One version appears in Hugh Mellor’s Book’ Welsh Folk Dance’ in 1935. He obtained his notes from Mrs Gruffydd Richards in 1926. A second version, published by Steiner and Bell, was collected and described by Gladys M. Griffin.

Fairly recently a version was prepared and published by the Welsh Folk Dance Society. This work on behalf of the Society was done by Doctor Terry Williams, Swansea (who for many years was the Society’s dedicated secretary) and Eirlys Phillips (leader of Dawnswyr Talog). This version is basically the same as Gladys Griffin’s version but the melody arranged in this publication is the same melody as the one noted by Mrs Gruffydd Richards (Pencerddes y De).

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