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Platinum Party

PARTI PLATINWM/ PLATINUM PARTY The platinum party celebrations were a special event in our society’s history. During the weekend of October 25th to 27th, there was an opportunity to enjoy a quiz night; massed dancing at the newly refurbished St. Fagan National Museum of History;  socialise at the gala dinner and ‘twmpath’ and lastly, on

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Dawns ‘Y filltir sgwâr’ – ‘The square mile’ dance

GŴYL CERDD DANT 2019 The dance “The Square Mile“, for the “Over 16s” competition has now been published by the Society as a pamphlet. It is square dance, as it so happens, consisting of 4 parts, composed by Mavis Williams Roberts in memory of Dai Williams, Tawerin.  The tune has been composed by Eirlys Phillips,

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Dathlu 70

CYMDEITHAS DDAWNS WERIN CYMRU WELSH FOLK DANCE SOCIETY DATHLU 70 Gyfeillion dyma’ch cyfle i ddathlu penblwydd ein Cymdeithas yn 70. Friends, here’s your chance to celebrate 70 years of our Society Ni biau hon – dewch i ni ymfalchio ynddi! Dyma sut y gallwch CHI DDATHLU. It belongs to us – let’s show how proud

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4 days ago
We always knew Welsh folk dancers had style! Darllenwch am steil cadeirydd @dawnswyrtawerin yn @CylchgrawnGolwg #dawnsiogwerin
DawnsioGwerin photo
Dawnswyr Tawerin @dawnswyrtawerin
Llongyfarchiadau Graham @grarhi Cadeirydd @dawnswyrtawerin ar erthygl #Steil yn @CylchgrawnGolwg 👌🏻👔🧢🥾🕺🏼 #teuluTawerin #Gwych
4 weeks ago
A’r clip olaf yw’r grwpiau dawns agored, diolch @S4C am rannu’r cyfan! And last of all the open dance groups from Saturday’s @gcdllanelli2019 - enjoy!