This year, Cwlwm Celtaidd will be held in the autumn, on the 7thto the 9thof October. Hopefully restrictions will be long forgotten and that we will be able to dance with the enjoyment and enthusiasm that we have always experienced in the past! Saturday will be a full day of dance around Porthcawl. We would like to invite all teams or individuals from teams in Wales to join us for the occasion.

Should you decide to join us, either for the day or for the weekend, accommodation is available at the nearby Trecco Caravan Park in comfortable and luxurious 8 berth caravans. If you decide to that you would like to book a caravan, do not contact Trecco directly, please get back to me because as a Festival we are offered the caravans at a reduced price.

All individuals who come to dance will be given a free pass to all events during the Saturday and to the evening concert.

So many of us are finding it difficult to get back together again after the last two years, what about putting Cwlwm Celtaidd 2022, October 7thto the 9th in the diary and aim to come as a team to join the fun!

We look forward to your company!