A message from Bobbie Evans, Day of Dance organiser:

Dear Dancers and Musicians,

Regretfully I am cancelling the Day of Dance due to be held on the 11th July at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. I have waited until now in the hope that it would have been possible to ease the restrictions a little by July, and people would be able to enter the Botanic Garden even if they were obliged to keep to the 2 metre ruling at present still being suggested.

This would not have allowed much dancing; suggestions had included possible solo clog displays, or partners could dance together in one or two social dances where they did not change partners. The musicians would have had a chance to play together keeping the necessary distance from each other. I believe there are some people that miss their social life and this would have given all WFDS members an opportunity to greet some of their dancing and musician friends.

Mavis (Williams Roberts) thought up a brilliant idea; that if dancing was definitely out, perhaps for those who would still like to get out and meet fellow dancing/musician friends we could have held a “Welsh Ladies’ Tea Party” where we came in costume, brought our own picnic and form small picnic parties keeping within the present restriction rules.

However, time is not on our side. I cannot contact anyone at the Botanic Garden, (the phone is not being answered) to see if the Garden was to be opened by the 11th July, and even all the above is dependent on their agreement to allow us to have such an event.

[NOTE: “Y Pot Blodyn”, their plant sales outlet is open for business – for those within reach.]

Sadly, the decision has been made to cancel for this year. I apologise for the late announcement, but had the present situation changed it would have been reasonably easy for a day event to have been held.

I hope each and everyone of you have escaped this virus and that you and your families are keeping safe and well.

Cofion cywiraf/Best regards

Bobbie Evans