Dear fellow-dancer,

Menter Iaith Maldwyn, the National Eisteddfod and other partners are presenting an application to the Arts Council of Wales for a project to promote Traditional Dance in Wales. We need your help. There are two questionnaires below – one for dance groups and one for individuals who dance. We need to collect evidence of what the current dance situation is in Wales and collect ideas for the way ahead. The information that you provide below will help to form and develop that application.

If one member of every dance team could fill in the questionnaire for dance groups that would be much appreciated.Also, if you have individuals in your group who would like to fill in the form and have further ideas (or if you know of individual dancers who don’t belong to any particular dance team) please encourage them to fill in the individual questionnaire.


Form for Dance Groups

Form for Individuals

CLOSING DATE OF QUESTIONNAIRE: Dydd Gwener / Friday 28/02/21.