The Welsh Folk Dance Society are keen to support all traditional folk dance groups and help ensure our traditions continue to thrive. One means of doing so is by offering a support and development grant. Further details and guidance are available below. If the details apply to your team please e-mail to obtain the application form.

Guidelines for applying for a CDdWC grant – May 2019

The grant is offered to parties of mixed dancers, i.e. male and female, who promote folk dancing and clogging.

  • Ideally the grant will be offered to a group of young people, but members of the Society’s working committee who will consider all applications, will be flexible in their actions;
  • The successful applicants receive help and advice to set up a dance party and an initial amount as a grant;
  • A maximum of £500 is provided for each application, but an additional application could be made in the second year, if there is more need from a thriving enterprise;
  • Payments are made in advance for something specific e.g. hall hire, general costs etc
  • A grant can be considered to help with costumes – but not to pay for a full set of costumes or clogs. In this connection, a system of matching funding (match funding) could be looked at
  • A local mentor is offered to support and offer guidance to the leader / leaders of the group
  • The groups should be members of the Welsh Folk Dance Society;
  • You will need evidence of dedication to form a dance group and a plan to meet to practice regularly.

For an informal conversation and more details, contact the Chairman of the Cymru Folk Dance Association: Dr. John Idris Jones on 07495806077.