Click on the dance names to download MP3 tracks for Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2019 rehearsals.

Length of dances

Where the instructions don’t note the number of times to perform a dance, tunes were recorded a suitable number of times for practise tracks, but they may be performed any number of times.

Second tunes

The tracks for Rali Twm Sion and Ffair y Bala include a second tune. Other suitable melodies could be used, but there is no requirement to choose a second tune at all.

The rules of the Urdd Folk Dance section can be found on page 32 of the 2019 list of competitions.

Track 1: Rasus Conwy

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.4 ac iau

Tune: Version of Jones’ Hornpipe
Length: 3 times, 2’20”

Track 2: Y Rhaglyn

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.6 ac iau (Ysgolion â hyd at 100 o blant rhwng 4-11 oed)

Tune: The Regent
Length: 3 times, 1’59”

Track 3: Rhyd y Meirch

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.6 ac iau (Ysgolion â thros 100 o blant rhwng 4-11 oed ac Adrannau)

Tune: Castell Aberystwyth
Length: 4 times, 5’18”

Track 4: Ceiliog y Rhedyn

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.7, 8 a 9

Tune: Torth o Fara
Length: 6 parts, 1’39”

Track 5: Abaty Llanthony

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.10 a dan 19 oed

Tune: Abaty Llanthony
Length: 3 times, 2’09”

Track 6: Rali Twm Sion

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.9 a dan 25 oed (Ae/UAd)

Tunes: Pigau’r Dur, Ymdaith Gwŷr Dyfnaint, Difyrrwch Gwŷr Llanfabon
Length: 11 parts, 6’28”

Track 7: Ffair y Bala

  1. Dawns Werin Bl.9 a dan 25 oed (Ae/UAd)

Tunes: Glandyfi, Doed a Ddêl
Length: 5 parts, 2’47”